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16 Gifts for Your Sober Curious Friends

16 Gifts for Your Sober Curious Friends

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Gifts of alcohol are a common way to go when you’re not sure what to get someone. While it’s easy to pick up a bottle of wine on your way to that party, there will be occasions where it’s just not all that festive for the receiver.

That host or acquaintance of yours could be sober curious, or even in recovery. We know you can do better, too. You’ll just need to get a little more creative when it comes to gifts for non-drinkers. 

What do you buy a sober person? You can buy anything for a sober person that isn’t alcohol, from physical items to experiences that may feel more personal.

Whether you know you’re buying for someone who just isn’t into wine or don’t want to find yourself in the awkward position of offering booze to a sober friend, you have so many options. Our gift guide covers it all!

Sober Party Host Gifts

It’s just good manners not to arrive at a party empty-handed, even if you’re hitting the sober bar after. 

Whether you’re attending a party for a host who doesn’t drink or simply want to get a little more creative with your gifting, try these great gift ideas: 

  • A fun party game: You know you have a favorite. Bring a game you love, or something that you know will be a hit with the group, like the dice game Left Center Right.
  • Flowers (in a vase!): Flowers are always welcome if you’re headed to someone’s home. Bring them ready for display in a vase if you want extra kudos.
  • A nice serving board: The charcuterie craze isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Bring the host a nice serving board or charcuterie platter as thanks for doing the heavy lifting. 

Gifts for the Sober Curious Man

Finding a unique gift for some men is hard enough. Finding a gift that isn’t alcohol or alcohol-adjacent can feel even harder.

By alcohol-adjacent, we’re talking stainless steel tumblers, bottle openers, decanters, and novelty shot glasses. If you’re really looking for a gift for non-drinkers, avoid those, too.

Check these out instead:

  • A monthly subscription: Move beyond the wine of the month club. Find something they love, or you know they’ll use and go with it. Think fancy razors, fun socks, and jerky for starters.
  • A coffee upgrade: Men love their fancy coffee, too. Upgrade their setup with a pour-over coffee maker or a gift basket of delicious coffee. Send whole beans if they have a grinder.
  • Something cozy: The sober man in your life deserves something that will make them feel good. Seek out weighted blankets, comfy bathrobes, or a pair of plush slippers.
  • Something personalized: Especially for non-alcoholic groomsmen gifts, consider customized items like a leather keychain, wallet, tape measure, or even socks.

Gifts for 20-Somethings

Young people can be hard to shop for, especially if they’re just turning 21. You may think the obvious birthday gifts or holiday presents for a newly-minted 21-year-old are alcoholic by default, but there are young people out there who don’t drink.

What can you buy a 21-year-old who doesn't drink? For 21-year-olds who don’t drink, buy alcohol-free goodies like home goods and immersive experiences. These gifts signal adulthood without the alcohol.

Consider gifts that will last, too, as the young people in your life may be just starting out in lives of their own. Try these out for starters:

  • Nice bedding: This is something most adults know can seriously upgrade your day-to-day. Pillows that last or a sheet set with a good thread count will all be appreciated eventually.
  • Kitchen gadgets: Upgrade their microwave game with a kitchen gadget that’s easy to use and maintain. Instant Pots are trending for a reason. They’re nearly foolproof!
  • A fancy dinner out: It can be hard to find funds to cover a classy dinner out when you’re in your 20s. Treat the young person in your life to a nice night out in person or via gift card.

Gifts for Your Sober Curious Close Friends

If you’re buying something for a close friend of yours, a great gift is a personal one.

What do you get someone who doesn't drink alcohol for Christmas? Gifts you know someone will use, experiences, and personalized items are all good gifts for someone who doesn’t drink alcohol for Christmas.

When you’re looking for the best gifts for your best friends, think about what brought you two together in the first place when choosing the perfect gift. 

Here are a few simple holiday gifts (or anytime gifts!) that might work great:

  • Your favorite book: This booze-free option works best with the avid reader in your friend group. An added bonus is that you’ll be able to talk with them about it after they’re done.
  • A couples spa day: By couples, we mean the two of you. Spend a day of pampering with your friend. Throw in a mocktail or two if you’re really feeling fancy.
  • Something hard to find: This works well if you have a friend who moved away. Think about things they love about where they left. You’ll get a video call as soon as it arrives. This is also a great way to go for your friends who have a unique taste in books, decor, or just about anything else.

Give the Gift of Alcohol Alternatives

If you’re purchasing a gift for someone who wants to moderate their drinking, there are all kinds of alcohol alternatives out there for you to peruse: 

  • Non-alcoholic spirits: No matter the spirit, there’s likely a non-alcoholic alternative out there for you to find, from gin to vodka to rum for those mojito mocktails. 
  • Non-alcoholic beer: Beer drinkers in your life looking to cut back are spoiled with choice when it comes to booze-free beer, with some brands now offering both at their breweries. 
  • Non-alcoholic wine: This isn’t your grandma’s grape juice. The alcohol-removed wine, even non-alcoholic champagne, out there today tastes more like the real thing.

Celebrate with Surely!

The holiday season doesn’t have to be about working your way through alcoholic drinks. Frankly, no season has to be about drinking alcohol. Gift-giving doesn’t have to be, either. 

If you’re looking for a true alternative to the usual gifted bottle of wine, give the gift of Surely

Make a gift set of your own with a mix of our favorites, from our canned Brut to our sparkling rosé. Bring a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling white or a sauvignon blanc to your next gathering.

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