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40 Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits [+ NA Wine & Beer]

40 Best Non-Alcoholic Spirits [+ NA Wine & Beer]

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Whether you need delicious mocktails for a sober party in dry January or you want to run a sophisticated sober bar, look no further. Below are the best non-alcoholic spirits on the market.

What is the difference between non-alcoholic spirits and alcoholic spirits? The difference between non-alcoholic (NA) and alcoholic spirits is that non-alcoholic spirits contain less than 0.5% ABV. NA spirits are generally considered safe to consume, even for pregnant women.

What is the point of alcohol-free spirits? The purpose of alcohol-free spirits is to enjoy drinking without the downsides of alcohol — be it health concerns or alcohol abuse problems. Drinking can be fun, and it’s a shame that so many fun drinks are alcoholic. 

Some non-alcoholic drinks even offer a “fuzzy” feeling of euphoria without the health risks associated with alcohol.

We separated the best alternatives to traditional spirits by the spirit they’re replacing. However, all the non-alcoholic spirits on this list are worth checking out for your sober party or sober bar cart. We provided Amazon links wherever possible. 

Let’s get started!

Best Gin Alternative

monday gin non alcoholic spirit

Winner: Monday Gin

Not only does it have a cool logo, but Monday also makes a mean gin alternative. This non-alcoholic spirit by West Coast packs a refreshing, herbaceous punch both in smell and taste. 

Mix with tonic water or sparkling water, and don’t forget to drop a lemon peel in this non-alcoholic gin.

Adding in an excellent mouthfeel and great customer reviews, Monday Gin comes out on top as the most convincing gin alternative available today.


Best Vodka Alternative

arkay non alcoholic vodka

Winner: ArKay Alcohol-Free Vodka

Much like any vodka, ArKay Alcohol-Free Vodka tastes best with mixers. Although some drinkers do appreciate the taste of ArKay’s zero-proof vodka alternative by itself, it works better when you pour in some cranberry juice or orange juice.

Compared to the other alternatives on this list, non-alcoholic vodka is probably the least innovative and least convincing. This is perhaps due to its very mild flavor profile, easily disappearing into any mixers. Still, many people enjoy ArKay’s take on this alcohol-free spirit.


Best Tequila Alternative

ritual tequila non alcoholic alternative

Winner: Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative

Ritual’s booze-free tequila is a great non-alcoholic alternative to tequila and mezcal. Smoky, spicy, and featuring a hint of agave, Ritual has crafted a great non-alcoholic spirit that blends well in margaritas and mules. You also may enjoy it with soda water and lime juice.

It’s worth noting that Ritual’s tequila alternative doesn’t blend so well with tonic or seltzer, much like its alcoholic counterpart. Citrus is key for enjoying this spirit. However, Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative is an indulgent treat for the sober curious.


Best Whiskey Alternative

celtic soul whiskey non alcoholic

Winner: My Celtic Soul

Celtic Soul is a deluxe blend of vanilla, secret spices, and oaky flavors. It’s on the pricey side, but many sober drinkers enjoy My Celtic Soul’s non-alcoholic distillate neat or with ginger ale and a dash of lime.

You could replicate a more upscale Manhattan or Old Fashioned with this spirit if desired, but be forewarned: the bitters you’ll use do have negligible amounts of alcohol in them. Do whatever is right for your sober-curious journey.


Best Rum Alternative

fluere non alcoholic rum

Winner: Fluère Spiced Cane

Fluère has crafted a delicious zero-alcohol rum alternative from sugar cane molasses. Fluère Spiced Cane hits the spot in just the right way. It’s spicy, sweet, and dark.

Pair with ginger beer and lime for a delicious Dark ‘N’ Stormy, or muddle up some lime for a dreamy mojito.


Best Vermouth Alternative

lyre's non alcoholic aperitif vermouth alternative

Winner: Lyre’s Apéritif Dry

Lyre’s Aperitif Dry (or its equally wonderful Rosso) is an excellent vermouth alternative for Manhattans, martinis, or neat drinking. 

Featuring a unique, pleasant aroma, this non-alcoholic vermouth tastes surprisingly like straight-up vermouth — useful for recreating non-alcoholic cocktails.

Lyre’s offers various drinks with different flavors (most notably, Italian Orange that elicits thoughts of an Aperol Spritz), but their Aperitif Dry is award-winning and of the highest quality.


Unique Alcohol Alternatives

seedlip non alcoholic spirits


Seedlip zero-proof spirits were among the first on the market back in 2013. Their concoctions are unique and sophisticated. 

Seedlip only offers 3 options: 

Many argue that Seedlip started or at least popularized the non-alcoholic spirits market. It is widely available and widely enjoyed.

What is the best non-alcoholic spirit? The best non-alcoholic spirit is probably Seedlip, due to its years of market success, catering to consumers’ tastes, and the innovative blends it uses to elevate any sober bar.

Kin Euphorics

Kin Euphorics is an alcohol-free nightlife beverage company that sells popular non-alcoholic spirits that are vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based, and sophisticated. 

Start with their most popular Kin Spritz, or their spicy Dream Light. 

Do non-alcoholic spirits get you drunk? Some non-alcoholic spirits, like Kin Euphorics, use natural nootropics to induce a fuzzy “drunk” feeling that may reduce stress and adaptogenic ingredients to improve sleep.

Curious Elixirs

These pre-made mocktails elevate the very idea of a non-alcoholic cocktail recipe. (Curious Elixirs no. 1 may be that NA Negroni you were looking for, without the Campari.) 

Curious Elixirs boast organic ingredients, no refined sugar, and 4 different variations on their winning formula.


Another unique alcohol alternative is the MeMento non-alcoholic blends. 

Though its aroma and taste don’t exactly match up, this aromatic drink is a fun experiment in an NA drink and a novel concoction with little semblance to any spirits.

Non-Alcoholic Wines

surely non alcoholic rose wine

Winner: Surely Dealcoholized Wines

We craft our signature NA sparkling wine by making an actual alcoholic rosé, then removing the alcohol. This unique approach keeps that genuine bubbly rosé taste, but with a non-alcoholic label. (Our wines are low-calorie and low-carb, too.)

We also make a killer dealcoholized red winechampagne and sauvignon blanc. Surely is a must-have for any sober bar, baby shower, or sober curious party.


Non-Alcoholic Beersathletic brewing co NA beer

Winner: Athletic Brewing Co.

Athletic Brewing Co. has been called the gold standard for non-alcoholic beers in the US for years. Check out their 4 delicious options:

  • Run Wild IPA: a hoppy India pale ale that satisfies the most seasoned beer-lovers
  • Cerveza Atletica: a Mexican light copper lager with spicy and fruity notes
  • All Out Stout: built for colder months with coffee and chocolate notes
  • Upside Dawn Golden Ale: both floral and earthy notes; gluten-free

Athletic Brewing Company features a broad range of beers and makes NA beer feel more sophisticated. It’s easy to find, unlike some other NA spirits in this post.


Sober curious? We’ve got what you’re looking for.

In recent years, sober curiosity has grown in popularity as more and more people reevaluate their relationship with alcohol and sobriety. Many people are shying away from excess drinking, but still enjoy the ritual of an aperitivo. Demand for non-alcoholic beverages has skyrocketed.

Surely Wines offers non-alcoholic rosé and sparkling white for a reasonable price so you can give up the alcohol without having to give up the delicious bubbly taste of your favorite drinks.

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