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Ann K.

“Most alcohol free wine taste like weak grape juice. Surely DOES NOT…It's helped me make it to almost 100 days sober, which is why I have a subscription!”

— Ann K.
Ann K.

“Within 24 hours I created a subscription account with Surely. It's that good.”

— Mia G.
Ann K.

“The Surely rosé was so good that after the first sip I immediately signed up for the subscription to have it delivered regularly!…I love that it still gives me that relaxed feeling after a long day of work, but without the nasty side effects of alcohol.”

— Loren S.
Ann K.

“I love cooking while sipping on a glass of wine…but we decided to cut back on our consumption. Surely is a delicious solution so I still can have my nightly treat but alcohol-free!”

— Sarah S.
Ann K.

“Absolutely loved this! Could not tell at all that it was AF. Loved being able to take this to a Memorial Day BBQ and blend in with others having their wine, and loved not having to worry about driving home”

— Jen S.
Ann K.

“This stuff is legit…As a wine lover, I was skeptical, but this is truly delicious. My partner and I both really enjoyed it (and he is VERY picky).”

— Elana T.

How it works

Choose between a case of 4 or 6 wines and your delivery frequency

Select the wines you want in your case

Enjoy a steady stream of delicious NA wine

Get access to exclusive member-only perks

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Unlock exclusive member-only benefits ✨

Physical perks

  • Save 20-25% on every shipment
  • Get early access to new wines
  • Shop member-only merch
  • Enjoy exclusive gifts
  • Be eligible to become a Surely taste-tester
  • Enjoy a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't like a bottle or can 4-pack, we'll refund you. No questions asked.

Digital perks

  • Access to a supportive members-only community
  • Invites to exclusive events including virtual tastings and virtual happy hours
  • Be the first to get new content like food pairings and mocktail recipes
  • Influence Surely offerings by voting on new flavors, swag, events, and more
  • …and more behind-the-scenes updates

You're In Control

  • Swap out the wines in your case anytime
  • Easily add more wines to your subscription
  • Cancel, pause, or skip your subscription anytime
  • Get a full refund on any wine you don't like

Can’t access your portal to edit your shipment? Just text us, we’re happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Surely grape juice?

Not at all! We make real wine and then remove the alcohol. We start with grapes harvested from premium regions in California, which then go through the fermentation process responsible for complex flavor and aroma. Without fermentation there is no wine. Using cutting-edge spinning cone column technology, we delicately remove the alcohol while maintaining the wine’s natural essence and aromatics. With an artistic approach, our wine team creates the final composition to round out the palette and elevate your glass. We use a selection of fresh ingredients, very low sugar and small amounts of sulfites to keep it fresh.

Is there alcohol in your wine?

Yes, our wines include a small amount of alcohol all falling under 0.5% ABV, the universally accepted limit for non-alcoholic beverages. This is the same level of most kombuchas or fruit juices. Yes, even orange juice and bananas have low amounts of alcohol due to natural fermentation.

How much sugar is there in Surely wine?

0-6g of sugar depending on the wine. We create a low calorie and low sugar product that will not compromise your health goals. Surely wine has less calories and sugar content per serving compared to traditional alcoholic and lower quality non-alcoholic beverages.

Is the Wine Club just a subscription?

The Wine Club is our new subscription program! It lets you save 15-20% on your wine case and unlocks exclusive perks you only get when you join the Wine Club. It’s not your usual subscription program, it’s a cool subscription program 😎

How many wines can I add to my case?

4 or 6. You can create a case with 4 wines and get 15% off or you can create a case with 6 wines and get 20% off.

Can I get can 4-packs in my Wine Club case?

Yes! You can add any wine, bottles or cans.

How do I access my exclusive perks?

You get access to the member-exclusive perks when you subscribe to a case of 4 or 6 wines. We’ll send you an email with a secret link.

Can I add more than 6 wines to my subscription?

Yes you can! You can add more wines to future shipments from your subscription portal.

What happens if I lower my subscription to less than 4 wines from my subscription portal?

You lose access to the members-only perks. You only have access to the exclusive perks when your subscription contains 4 wines or more.

Can I swap the wines in my Wine Club shipment?

Yes! Any time. In your subscription portal, simply click on “Swap”, click on the wine you want to swap, and then select the wine you want. It’s that easy.

How do I manage my subscription through text?

Make sure you’re opted into SMS in your subscription portal or text START to +191-797-98813 and then text MENU.

Can I cancel whenever I want?

Absolutely. No hidden fees or “gotchas”, cancel whenever it doesn’t feel right.