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Award-Winning Wine, Alcohol Removed

Because you deserve an adult beverage without the negative effects of alcohol.


We craft great tasting award-winning non-alcoholic wines that don’t compromise your health and allow everyone to be part of the moment.

Made for happier hours.

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Why Surely?

100 Calories

in Sugar

Award Winning


We're not grape juice

see process

Premium Grape Sourcing

Fermentation Process

Alcohol Removal

Winemaking Magic

The Press Approves

“Surely has a delicate body that makes it refreshing for warm weather sipping.”

“The light body and bubbles make it a good choice for any occasion.”

“The Best Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine For Toasts”

“Surely Wines Offers All The Fun Of Drinking Without The Booze.”

Over 80K Wine Loving Customers

I love the sparkling Rose because the taste & mouth feel is so pleasant. I get the "experience" of drinking wine without the adverse health effects of alcohol!

Julia E - Verified Buyer

I gave up drinking and missed that glass of wine when on a long phone call with a far away friend. I found it again with Surely. Thanks so much!!!!

Bonnie S - Verified Buyer

It tastes like the real deal. I’m so so happy. This exceeded expectations and I’m telling everyone!!

Caitlyn M - Verified Buyer

I absolutely love this Surely nonalcoholic wine. It tastes wonderful and I also lost 5 pounds! I have been alcohol free for 4 weeks.

Roma P - Verified Buyer
Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine
Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine
Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine
Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine

Over 80K Wine Loving Customers