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Why Non-alcoholic

We’re crafting delicious, premium wine with wellness in mind. Why would you drink non-alcoholic wine? You’re on a new health journey, you’re cutting back, or you’re curious about what life feels like with fewer hazy mornings and sleepless nights. Maybe you can’t drink anymore or just don’t want to.

We source  grapes from the warm and breezy California coast and  turn  it into something special. A unique experience made for you. 

Our wines go through the same fermentation process used in traditional winemaking.

We then dealcoholize the wine to remove the alcohol and let our winemakers add their magic before bottling. 

Whatever reason you have for choosing an alternative drink option, our goal is to satisfy that choice. We want to give you the best of both worlds: great-tasting wines that don’t compromise your health and allow you to stay social.

We’re here to disrupt the industry and have fun while doing it. Learn more about how we got here. 

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Wine Made for
happier hours

At Surely, we strive for longer nights, clearer mornings, fuller conversations, stronger connections, and empowering your best self. 

For too long, opting out of alcohol has come with a social stigma. You shouldn’t feel weird or left out if you’re not drinking alcohol and you deserve to enjoy a highly crafted alternative option. 

We’re committed to offering a social drink that can sustain and improve your productivity and health goals, long term.  

There’s always a reason to celebrate. Life is the occasion. Cheers!

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