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Zoom Non-alcoholic white wine sparkling
Zoom Non-Alcoholic Brut Can 4-Pack
Zoom Non-Alcoholic Brut Can 4-Pack
Zoom Non-Alcoholic Brut Can 4-Pack
Zoom Non-alcoholic sparkling brut can 4-pack  2 cans
Zoom Non-alcoholic sparkling brut can 4-pack hand grabbing can

Non-Alcoholic Brut Can 4-Pack

250ml / 8.5 FL OZ.

A refreshing, low sugar, non-alcoholic brut for white wine lovers. Dry with hints of lemon, peach and passion fruit. Better than champagne.

  • 25 Cals
  • 5g Sugar

Tasting Notes

The vibrant combination of lemon, peach, and passion fruit create a rich flavor counterbalanced by full acidity creating a delightfully dry profile.
<br><b>Food Pairings:</b> Loves picnics in the park with hard cheeses, fresh veggies, and dark chocolate stylishly assembled on your favorite charcuterie board.


The same delicious wine you find in the Brut 750mL bottle.

Wine = De-alcoholized White wine
Fruit = Grapefruit and Guava
Sweetness = Naturally occurring

Ingredients: Dealcoholized White Wine, Guava Concentrate, Grapefruit Juice, Cane Sugar, Sulfites (preservative).


Allow 2-3 business days in processing time and 5-8 business days for delivery after your product has shipped. 

Bubbles on the go. Bring this 4 pack along to enjoy our dry and crisp Brut anywhere you go. Even public places. Great on its own or as a base to a white wine spritz.

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