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The Craft Behind The Wine


There is no wine without fermentation and there is no Surely without Jess. She graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Science in Viticulture and Enology, going on to work for a winery for five years. During those five years, there wasn't an aspect of winemaking that Jess didn't experience: she planted, pruned, harvested, led tours, and curated sensory classes for visitors.

Now, Jess draws from her extensive knowledge as a winemaker to create swoon-worthy non-alcoholic wine at Surely. She scouts out the highest quality vintages and ingredients, ensuring that everything comes together exactly when they're supposed to. And this is no small feat, because winemaking is as much about timing as it is about ingredients.

Jessica Smith, Winemaker


"There's no more complicated beverage on earth than wine. I want to be the person that makes them in a new and novel way."

And that's exactly what Craft Beverage Developer Michael Colangelo does at Surely. With a degree in organic chemistry, Michael has been working in the world of flavors and fragrances for ten years. In that time, he’s had a hand in curating the flavor profiles of hundreds of products. Now, as Surely's Craft Beverage Developer, Michael tackles the complex task of crafting non-alcoholic wines that will woo even the most dedicated wine-lover.

This process of molecular mixology marries Michael’s organic chemistry background with his passion for unparalleled wine. And high on his priority list: using sustainable, natural ingredients you'll know when you see them on the label.

Michael Colangelo, Craft Beverage Developer

Boldly Redefining Non-Alcoholic Wine

"A lot of the characteristics of wine are stripped away in the de-alcoholization process. How do we recreate them without using a bunch of chemicals? That's the challenge that gets me up in the morning." - Michael Colangelo, Craft Beverage Developer

At Surely, we bring traditional winemaking and molecular mixology together to create an intentionally non-alcoholic experience.

A craft taste profile you can’t get anywhere else for drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

The Process


Premium Grape Sourcing

We start with grapes harvested from premium regions in California. Close proximity to the Pacific Ocean helps create the ideal climate for grape growing. Cool nights and warm days produce wines with vibrant complexity and crisp acids. The standard for these wines is incredibly high because we only use wines that can maintain their flavor and charm through de-alcoholization. 



What’s the difference between wine and grape juice? Fermentation. Our grapes go through this same essential process responsible for complex flavor and aroma. Without fermentation there is no wine. 



Using cutting-edge spinning cone column technology, we are able to delicately remove the alcohol while maintaining the wine’s natural essence and aromatics.


Molecular Mixology

Time to blend. With careful chemistry and an artistic approach, our wine team creates the final composition to round out the palette and elevate your glass. Using natural ingredients, botanicals and teas, our winemaker & craft beverage developer blend something truly unique. Lab tested at multiple stops along the way, the result is a beautifully balanced, non-alcoholic wine experience.

How It’s Made Matters

Surely partners with select vineyards that produce premium grapes using sustainable farming practices. This means:
• Minimal pesticides and integrated pest management systems wherever possible
• No genetically modified organisms
• Preserving areas of vineyard for native flora and fauna biodiversity
• Efficient drip irrigation schedules

These practices create a natural balance between the soil and the vineyard. It’s a difference you can taste today. And an investment in the vineyards of tomorrow.

Made in California

Coastal California wines benefit from close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, which helps create the ideal climate for grape growing.

Cool nights and warm days produce wines with vibrant complexity and crisp acids.