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13 Singles Party Ideas for the Perfect Mixer

13 Singles Party Ideas for the Perfect Mixer

11 minute read

It may feel like everyone is coupled up out there, especially as Valentine’s Day rolls around. If you and your fellow single friends lack inspiration after another round of couples soirées, we’ve come up with some singles party ideas to help you throw your own mixer.

What is a singles mixer? A singles mixer is an event for unattached people to meet one another in an informal way. It can be put on by an organization in the form of something like speed dating or an event targeting young, single professionals.

It can also just be something you host yourself.

Hosting a singles party can be as simple as inviting your single friends to a party and having them invite a few single friends of their own. 

Add in some delicious snacks and natural ways for your guests to interact and you’ve put together a successful singles party.

You can even make it a sober party, taking after some of your fave teetotal celebs, and still have a great time!

A note for all humans: We encourage you not to host a singles night as a clever excuse to get your crush drunk and take advantage of them. Yes, ladies get drunk faster than dudes, but remember the basic rules of sexual consent and keep your hands to yourself unless you have (sober) permission to do otherwise.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled party planning! 🥳

1. Group by Niche Interests

Let’s say you’re already part of a group of friends who really love Dungeons and Dragons. 

Don’t hide it. Embrace it. 


Create an event around niche interests to make your guests even more comfortable in what can start off as an uncomfortable situation. 

At the very least, groups within your party will have an immediate connection over something you know they enjoy. Common interests are a powerful thing.

Here are some popular niche interests to consider for your next singles party:

  • Tabletop RPGs (like D&D)
  • A specific sport, like soccer or volleyball
  • Board games/card games (from Monopoly to Magic: The Gathering, and everything in between)
  • Roller skating/ice skating
  • Cooking/baking
  • Zip lining/treetop adventures
  • Songwriting
  • Wine tasting
  • Camping
  • Dog lovers/cat lovers
  • Movies (specifically, people who love a specific type of movie or cult classic — or people who love to critique films)

2.  Adventurous Food

Kick the usual finger food up a notch with more adventurous food options that will satiate your guests and allow the conversation to flow. If your party is themed, match your food options with that theme. 

That can mean this is the night you debut those Game of Thrones-inspired lemon cakes you’ve wanted to try.

Pro tip: Check out this list of book and movie-themed cookbooks to see if your favorite entertainment has a cookbook to try!

This is also the right time and place for snacks that double as aphrodisiacs. Slurping oysters may not sound super flirty, but chocolate, figs, and strawberries are all fair game. Leave out little cards about the power of each for guests to peruse while they snack.

3. Go Non-Alcoholic

Leave the alcohol out of your singles events for a get-together focused on genuine connections. 

You’ve all heard of beer goggles, right? It may feel easier to make new friends and meet single people when your inhibitions are lowered from going overboard.

It’s also easier to say something weird or do something you didn’t intend to once you’ve indulged in alcohol.

Your sober curious friends will love you, and you’ll get to bust out your stash of non-alcoholic wine, too. It’s a win/win!


4. Serve a Featured Drink

You can still offer guests a signature cocktail if you host a sober party. If it’s a Valentine’s Day party, embrace the cupid connection with inventive mocktails that play up the idea of romance.

If you’re hosting a dinner party, go big with a non-alcoholic wine tasting. Surely’s non-alcoholic wines are a fun way to mix things up with singles ready to mingle without the alcohol. 

“You’re telling me this doesn’t have alcohol in it?” is a great conversation starter, too.

Offering alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages can also help ease tension for friends practicing mindful drinking. You may even provide NA and boozy versions of that same featured drink!

5. Plan an Activity

Give your guests something to do to avoid awkward silences. Cooking classes, karaoke rooms, and recreational activities that get your guests out in the fresh air all offer something to do besides make small talk.

It’s okay if you take your guests a little out of their comfort zone, too. Feeling a little awkward can make for some great memories and natural connections.

6. Set Your Guests Up for Success

You don’t need to be some expert in matchmaking to make sure your singles party becomes a great party. 

Ask guests to RSVP, so you have an idea of the makeup of potential matches. Consider the age group you’re working with when putting your guest list together. Have name tags ready, so your guests can keep each other straight, or add fun facts to those tags to kick off conversations.

Or, you can go the total opposite direction — maybe the whole point of your party is to celebrate singleness, like the “Singles Awareness Day” take on a Valentine’s Day party.

In that case, make your intentions clear ahead of time. This also makes things much easier for attendees who aren’t interested in pairing up to say “yes” to your invite.

7. Set Up Party Games

A round of Twister is probably a little too intimate for a singles party, but there are plenty of ways to loosen up your guests with party games that aren’t the norm. Think of ways for your guests to get to know each other outside of the conversations they’ll have throughout the night.

That can be as involved as trivia on each guest that you collect ahead of time or leaving cards out for guests to play a less intense version of Truth or Dare.

If you’re looking for classic games that require little instruction on your part, Jenga (or generic versions if you want a giant tumbling tower version for outdoor parties) is always a good idea. Everyone knows how to play it, and it requires fun interaction with at least another person.

Don’t force any party games on your guests, either. You’re all adults, and some really do prefer interacting more naturally. Some adults are also terrible at losing, which is never a good look.

8. Keep Your Party Low-Key

Friday and Saturday nights can feel high-pressure for single people. Plan your event for a weeknight instead, or a day event on a weekend afternoon. It’ll feel more casual and set the tone for friends attending. 

Keep your party low-key all-around with the decor, too. Go easy on the centerpieces. Make sure the lighting is flattering. Dim the lighting enough that everyone is comfortable but can still see one another.  

9. Market Your Party Right

We’re not telling you to trick your guests into thinking they’re coming to a fundraiser. You don’t need to highlight the fact that you’re bringing the loneliest people you know together, either. 

Have some fun with puns and humor on a virtual invite to get your single friends together in a low-pressure way. Reference the idea of mingling with new potential friends. Allude to all the fun you’ll all have and the delicious treats you’ll provide. 

If you’re only inviting your single friends, it’ll be obvious what kind of party you’re throwing. You can let invited friends know they can invite their single friends, too, so there’s no confusion about the singles aspect of the event. 

10. Play with Party Themes

Create a space that serves as its own ice breaker with a fun party theme. If it’s around the holidays, bring out the ugly sweaters. If you’re hosting a party for Valentine’s Day singles, get cheesy with paper hearts and all cupid everything. 

You don’t need to go overboard with a theme, but incorporating fun touches in the finger food selection, mocktail offerings, and party games is a great way to loosen everyone up.

Just make sure your single friends know what to expect, especially if it involves costumes or a murder mystery party theme. A mention on an invite or word-of-mouth is fine.

A few fun party themes you may want to try include:

  • Space/galaxy
  • A popular cult TV show or film (think I Love Lucy, The Office, Harry Potter, or Rocky Horror Picture Show)
  • Jungle exploration
  • Christmas in July
  • Roaring ‘20s
  • Spooky (especially around Halloween)
  • Speed dating
  • Backyard Olympics

11. Get Your Guests Talking

Think of icebreakers that don’t feel like corporate team-building exercises. Leave cards out with questions that force more than yes or no answers. Plan a few rounds of “Would You Rather,” where you ask your guests to choose between 2 often undesirable outcomes.

Make sure your party is ripe for conversation. Keep the volume lower on any music playing. That also means you may need to make yourself available to facilitate introductions, especially among friends you think might be a good match.

Forget to plan an icebreaker and dealing with a room of shy people? Here’s the cheapest and easiest idea ever:

  1. Grab a new roll of toilet paper. 
  2. Pass it around the room and tell every person to tear off as many sheets as they like, but don’t explain why just yet.
  3. Once everyone has their sheets, ask them to share fun facts about themselves (one for each sheet).

This can get silly, especially if a few people grab a lot of paper… but it makes for a fun memory!

12. Build a Great Playlist

Directional dances aren’t necessary unless you’re all going line dancing after, but a great playlist is a vital component of any great party. It doesn’t have to be dance music, either, although you might want to include some of that as the night goes on. 

Create a playlist that adds to the vibes you’re going for at your singles event. Keep the tunes upbeat to keep your guests from falling asleep, and throw in some music that’s on theme if you’re sticking to a certain aesthetic.

In a hurry? Here are a few of our favorite Spotify playlists for singles mixers:

And a few themed party playlists to get your creative juices flowing:

13. Encourage Mingling

It’s a singles mingle, not a work conference. A large seating area where everyone sits around in a circle won’t allow for intimate conversations. Couches you can sink into can be a drawback when you’re trying to get your guests to meet and converse. 

You don’t want to feel like you’ll lose your seat when you move your feet, either. Encourage mingling with seating arrangements that get your guests moving around. Work the room yourself and set the tone for what you hope the event to be.


Got more ideas for the best singles party ideas that we missed? Hit us up on Instagram.

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