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Jillian Barkley’s Sober Curious Biz [INTERVIEW]

Jillian Barkley’s Sober Curious Biz [INTERVIEW]

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Jillian Barkley’s Sober Curious Biz [INTERVIEW]

Jillian Barkley is the entrepreneur behind Soft Spirits, LA’s first non-alcoholic bottle shop. She joined us for an interview series with sober curious entrepreneurs shaking up the non-alcoholic wine, beer, and spirits space.

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What does "living a healthy lifestyle" mean to you?

Living a healthy lifestyle means making choices that are best suited to you. There is no “one size fits all.

What serves one person may not be right for someone else. Understanding your own priorities and goals, and designing your life in a way that supports those, is the way I define a lifestyle as healthy.

Select some of your health goals associated with choosing Surely.

Our goal at the shop is to offer drink alternatives that support a variety of lifestyles, and Surely offers a unique experience to enjoy a low-sugar wine without the alcohol.

Is there a particular reason you like Surely or incorporated it into your life?

It's so tasty! 

Tell us about a moment where Surely has impacted you?

Surely is the best selling brand at Soft Spirits! 

Opening a store was a journey full of stress, sweat, and tears. Knowing brands like Surely are investing in this space as much as me is huge.

What are noticeable differences in your lifestyle that you feel are a result of not drinking or drinking less?

I wake up clearer.

What's a common social stigma you've experienced while not drinking alcohol?

People tend to have a lot of questions about "why.” It can be uncomfortable to feel like you have to disclose your reason for not drinking, whatever it happens to be.

How did you get interested in the non-alcoholic space?

I love drinking! 

Unfortunately, the alcohol part wasn't working out in the long term, so I started looking for alternatives that would allow me the joy of a drink without the side effects I was experiencing.

Describe your perfect night with a Surely wine.

Sharing a bottle of Pinot Noir over a charcuterie plate with your best friend.

IMAGE CREDIT: Los Angeles Magazine, Copyright 2021

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