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The 19 Best Non-Alcoholic Christmas Holiday Drinks

The 19 Best Non-Alcoholic Christmas Holiday Drinks

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The holiday season is here, and it may seem like more opportunities to drink alcohol are upon us. But non-drinkers out there, rejoice! There are many delicious, festive, non-alcoholic Christmas drinks out there that are still just as merry.

If you’re hosting, it’s best practice to offer up non-alcoholic drinks that everyone can enjoy anyway (even if you’re doing boozy options, too). 

Go beyond the usual mocktails out there with these holiday drinks that will make any Scrooge a believer.

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Eggnog

It’s hard to get more festive than a holiday eggnog, and traditional, pre-made versions don’t come with alcohol anyway. Good news: The Spruce Eats has a delicious non-alcoholic holiday eggnog you can easily make at home to impress your guests.

What do you need to make a non-alcoholic eggnog? To make a non-alcoholic eggnog, you’ll need eggs, sugar, heavy cream, and a variety of holiday spices.

Yes, this is an indulgent one.

Slow Cooker Apple Cider

This slow-cooked cider from The Stay at Home Chef is not only easy to make in big batches, but it’ll also make your entire home smell like all the fall and winter holidays wrapped up into one. 

The apples you choose will determine the tartness of your cider. Pro tip: Fuji and Gala apples keep things sweet.

Candy Cane Martini Mocktail

This martini mocktail from This Vivacious Life is big on peppermint, from the creamy drink in your glass to the candy cane rim. It’s gorgeous to look at and will be a blast to present to your holiday guests at your next sober party.

Non-Alcoholic Wine

It’s good practice to have several varieties of wine on hand at your holiday party, from reds to whites to holiday blends with whimsical labels. 

You can have your wine without the alcohol, though, if you bring a bottle or two of non-alcoholic wine. It’s got the familiar taste of a high-quality wine with none of the alcohol.

If you’re on the go, try Surely’s canned sparkling rosé or our non-alcoholic canned Brut.

Sugar Cookie Hot Chocolate

The folks at Half-Baked Harvest call this one Christmas in a mug, and we’ll have to agree. 

Upgrade your hot chocolate game at your next Christmas party with the sweet condensed milk in this. It’s the secret to making this beauty taste like those sugar cookies you have going in the oven.

Christmas Punch

Whip up a non-alcoholic Christmas punch in your fanciest punch bowl if you’re expecting a large group, and wave goodbye to any further beverage duties at your next party. This holiday punch from Sugar and Soul is easily customizable, but we wouldn’t skip the fresh cranberries. 

If you’re going for something a bit more adult with your Christmas punch recipe, look into tasty non-alcoholic spirits to replace the vodka in the alcoholic version.

Gingerbread Latte

If you’re hosting a holiday brunch or Christmas breakfast, upgrade your coffee with this gingerbread latte from Burrata and Bubbles

The recipe calls for optional whipped cream, but we think it’s pretty necessary. 😉

Holiday Mojito Mocktail

Cranberry and pomegranate juice turn this classic party drink from The Pretty Life Girls into a Christmas mocktail. 

We think our Lemon Ginger Spritz might be a good substitute for the ginger ale in this holiday mojito mocktail, as it’s a similar flavor profile.

Christmas Pudding Mocktail

Dried mixed fruits and spicy cloves create dessert in a drink with this Christmas pudding mocktail recipe from The Mindful Mocktail

This yummy holiday drink recipe can be served warm or cold depending on your mood, but it’s best made ahead of time to let the flavors blend.

The Grinch Ice Cream Float

The ice cream in this Grinch-themed float from Champagne and Coconuts makes this option great for the whole family. Try it with any citrus-based seltzer or sparkling water if you want to limit the sugar on top of the ice cream.

Blood Orange Mocktail

Blood orange makes any mocktail seem a bit fancier. This drink from One Lovely Life includes a simple syrup recipe if you need some added sweetness to your very merry Christmas. 

Keep in mind that blood oranges are typically sweeter than the regular kind.

Cranberry Champagne Mocktail

This champagne mocktail from The Adventure Bite is easy to customize with a non-alcoholic champagne. Try Surely’s non-alcoholic sparkling rosé to keep with the color scheme in this refreshing beverage.

Peppermint White Russian

Bold coffee subs in for the coffee liqueur in this holiday White Russian from Art from My Table. And you’ve got to keep things festive with a candy cane as your stirring stick!

Nut milks can be an alternative to the heavy cream in this one, if you want to lighten things up.

Apple Cranberry Spritzer

This fizzy drink from Old House to New Home mixes the sweetness of apple juice with the tartness of cranberry in one refreshing beverage. 

Include a sprig of rosemary for an added festive garnish.

Bellini Mocktail

From holiday parties to Christmas brunches, the virgin Bellini is an old standby when it comes to fancy mocktails

This one from Snacks and Sips suggests peach flavors, but you can customize and turn this one into a virgin mimosa if you only have orange juice at home. Cranberry juice for a cranberry mimosa, instead, will make things less sweet while still dishing out plenty of vitamin C.

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Beer

If you’re a fan of the hoppy stuff, the options for non-alcoholic beer only continue to expand. German brand Clausthaler has been brewing alcohol-removed lagers since 1972, adding citrus flavors like lemon and grapefruit to their lineup ever since.

During the holidays, they get festive with their Santa Clausthaler Holiday Brew, a non-alcoholic beer with notes of classic winter spices like cranberry and cinnamon.

Festive Snow Punch

This creamy punch from The Cookie Rookie looks like it got caught in a fresh winter snow. The sweetness of ripe bananas and scoops of vanilla ice cream are rounded out with fresh lemon juice. 

The snowflake effect is achieved with coconut shaving rims. It’s “optional,” but we say go for it if you’re trying to spread the holiday cheer!

Mulled Grape Juice

Mulled wine is a holiday classic, but you can brew up a delicious non-alcoholic version that will get your home smelling just as good. Try this mulled grape juice from Little Sugar Snaps

Don’t skip out on any of the mulling spices, like the star anise and cloves, in your brew. They keep this non-alcoholic Christmas drink from getting too sweet.

Sparkling Cider Sangria

Serve this sparkling cider sangria from Averie Cooks at Thanksgiving, then bring it back for the winter holidays. The fizz in this one comes from the sparkling cider or champagne if you’re serving adults. Try Surely’s non-alcoholic sparkling wine to sub for the champagne in this sparkling sangria and keep things alcohol-free.

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