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Best Wine Gifts For Every Occasion [Even The Sober Party]

Best Wine Gifts For Every Occasion [Even The Sober Party]

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If you’re tired of gifting a bottle of wine at every occasion, know that the best wine gifts are often the thoughtful and practical accompanying supplies your host also needs.

We’ve put together a list for wine lovers and party guests that answers the need for something a little different. We’ve even included non-alcoholic wine gifts if you’re bringing a gift to a sober party.

Yes, every kind of party deserves wine.

Wine Glassware

Wine glasses may not seem all that exciting, but if you put some thought into your friend’s favorite wine habits, they can become quite a thoughtful gift. Think about whether they prefer merlot over sauvignon blanc at wine tastings and how they like to party, too. 

For chardonnay all day: Large white wine glasses

Anyone can pick up a white wine glass set at the home goods store. It takes a real friend to consider the type of white wine their pal enjoys most often for an even better gift. If your wine enthusiast’s favorite glass of wine is chardonnay, get them the perfect gift set.

For red wine varietals: The perfect red wine glasses

Show your friend you pay attention when they order cabernet sauvignon over pinot grigio at your dinners with a set of wine glasses for big, bold reds. Mellow reds like pinot noir or rosé wine don’t need as large a glass.

For the sparkling wine fan: Unique flutes

Celebrations call for bubbles. If you’re attending a party where the festive drinks are already handled — non-alcoholic champagne included — a set of flutes is better than a gift basket. Choose unique styles to reflect the host’s personality. You’ll get kudos for knowing them so well.

For the friend who loves outdoor parties: Go stemless

If your wine-loving friend is too casual for fancy stemware, pick up stemless glasses instead. They’re perfect for outdoor parties, wine pairings with burgers right off the grill, and picnics with wine on the go.

For your artsy friend: Colored wine glasses

Colored wine glasses are an excellent gift for wine connoisseurs who appreciate a little color in their glassware. From a hint of something different to rainbow-colored designs, colored glasses are a beautiful addition to any stemware collection.

Best Corkscrews & Wine Stoppers

Nothing stops a party in its tracks faster than that awkward scene where the host is having trouble opening a bottle of wine. Help your friend save face with bottle openers and stoppers that will keep things breezy from that first pour to the last.

For an easy-to-use classic: Lever corkscrews

Lever corkscrews are a step above basic styles for friends who don’t want to go all-in on an electric wine opener. That doesn’t mean they’re more challenging to use. The lever corkscrews of today include built-in foil cutters and handles that make opening a bottle a non-event.

For the friend who has trouble opening wine: An electric wine opener

Electric wine openers remove any anxiety from opening a fresh bottle of wine. They do all the heavy lifting for you and your wine gift recipient. Some sets even come with built-in aerators and other gadgets to make that first pour a whole experience. 

For the friend with self-control: A wine preservation system

If you know your friend enjoys more expensive bottles of wine, a wine preservation system may be a great group gift to keep oxidation at bay. Coravin is the gold standard when it comes to keeping wine as fresh as possible for as long as possible once they pop a bottle.

For the friend who’s constantly losing stoppers: Upgraded wine stoppers

Wine gift ideas don’t have to be that fancy. They can also be practical, especially if your wine-loving friend is always looking for loose stoppers in their drawers. Get them a set that’s an upgrade over the usual plastic stoppers in the grocery store aisle. 

Non-Alcoholic Wines For Any Occasion

Whether you want to throw your expectant friend a bone or introduce your friends to alcohol substitutes, non-alcoholic wines are the perfect gift when you’re tired of the same bottle of wine. The best NA varieties taste like real vinos because they are real wines.

Like non-alcoholic beer, the alcohol content is removed at the end, leaving behind a delicious wine sans alcohol for everyone to enjoy. 

Wine Racks

Consider your friend’s tastes when choosing the style and shape of your wine rack. Generally, wine should be stored horizontally and in a cool, dark place, but most wines shouldn’t be kept for more than 3 months before enjoying, no matter how they’re stored. 

For a classy housewarming gift: A neutral wine rack

If you’re unsure about the decor you’re working with, choose a wine rack that will serve its purpose as wine storage and blend in no matter your friend’s design style. Don’t go too big, either.  

For wine drinkers with limited space: Countertop wine racks

Counter space comes at a premium in smaller living spaces. Choose wine racks that are stackable or taller rather than longer and wider. Your organized friends will very much appreciate it.

Wine Decanters

Some friends pour you a glass of red wine without much fanfare. Others like to make a show of it, allowing that red wine to breathe in a wine decanter that’s as much about form as it is about function. 

For the frequent host(ess): Statement decanters

Wine decanters already elevate dinner parties to the next level. A fancy decanter with an attractive spout, color scheme, or design feature takes things further. For that friend who loves hosting, go all out with a decanter that doubles as a showpiece.

For the efficient friend: Decanters with wine aerators

If you want a decanter that really opens up those flavor notes in the wine, choose one with a built-in aerator that speeds up that process. These are perfect for that aspiring sommelier in your life that has all of the tasting notes of their favorite wines down pat.

Wine Chillers

You don’t need to buy your friend a wine fridge to show that you care about how they’re storing and serving their wine. Wine chillers and insulators make it easy to keep bottles nice and cool.

For a summer birthday: Outdoor wine coolers

Summertime birthdays mean summertime birthday parties. Choose larger wine coolers for keeping wine at its perfect temperature even if guests linger. These coolers work just fine for other beverages, too.   

For your stylish friends: Insulators that double as centerpieces 

Some wine chillers are too pretty to hide in the kitchen between pours. These stylish, eye-catching insulators want to be part of the party. If you know a little about your friend’s aesthetic, choose chillers that fit their style for extra points.  

Wine Tumblers

Wine tumblers are classic stemware’s more casual cousin. You can typically have a little more fun with a tumbler, and they’re an appropriate gift for wine lovers who already have all the relevant gadgets.  

For that practical friend: Stainless steel tumblers

Stainless steel offers natural insulation, perfect for a crisp white wine or any beverage you want to keep cool with your warm hands. These tumblers are a practical gift for that friend who sips at a more leisurely pace.

For wine-on-the-go: Tumblers and wine totes

Tumblers are a great idea if you’re packing wine on the go. (We love a canned NA rosé spritz with our al fresco lunches.) Picnic tumblers often come as part of a tote set at various price points, so it’s up to you how generous you’d like to be.

Wine Party Essentials

Wine lovers who love a good party are probably serving wine at those soirées. Choose gifts that speak to both of those interests. A bonus here: You’ll be able to point out your stellar gift-giving skills at the next social gathering.  

For the friend who loves big parties: Wine glass markers

Wine glass markers are a great way for party guests to keep track of their glasses. If your friend is serving up a combo of conventional wine, non-alcoholic spirits, and other party mocktails, it’s even more important for guests to keep track of their drinks. 

When we say markers, we mean literal markers you can write with and wine charms or other accessories that allow guests to identify their glasses.

For the cheese-lover: Charcuterie boards

Cheese is life for many wine lovers. If that’s the case for your gift recipient, consider cheese boards to upgrade their hosting experience. (Most cheeses and wines are gluten-free, so party on if you’re sensitive to gluten.)

Unique Wine Gifts

If everyone knows your friend is a wine fan, they’re probably good to go on stemware and other wine gadgets they’ve received over the years. Dig a little deeper into the unique wine gifts available to delight your pal with something different.

For wine lovers who like wine everywhere: Wine glass holders

Bubble baths with a glass of bubbly are a thing we’re sure some of your friends enjoy from time to time. Make it a low-calorie non-alcoholic sparkling Brut, and you don’t have to worry about how much you’ve had in that bubble bath or your wine calories, but we digress.

For the bookworm: Wine books

Add to your friend’s coffee table collection with informative or entertaining books. The best wine books out there offer practical advice in a fun way, including what to pair with that set of truffles someone else gifted them.

For the friend who has everything: Wine-making kits

We’re not saying everyone is meant for the wine business, but wine-making kits can quickly turn a drab morning into a fun afternoon. Some of these kits can get pricey, but they’d also make a great group gift.

Wine Subscriptions

We all have those friends who just can’t decide whether they’re into California reds or German dessert wines. Wine subscriptions and clubs always make great gifts because they allow wine drinkers to develop their palates.

For friends who like trying new wines: Subscriptions with taste profiles

If your friend wants a little bit of everything, choose wine subscriptions that send bottles based on flavor profiles they fill out at the start. It’s a great way to discover wines they may not have tasted otherwise.

For friends who know what they like: Targeted subscriptions

If your friend already knows that they prefer acidity over tannic reds, choose a wine subscription that allows them to pick and choose from wines they know they’ll love. Targeted subscriptions are best for wine drinkers with a well-developed wine palate. 

No matter the occasion, Surely non-alcoholic wine is always a great choice.

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