Founder Story – Surely
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Behind The Wine

My relationship with alcohol hit an inflection point in my late twenties. I couldn’t recover from a night of drinking like I used to, but the lack of non-alcoholic beverages that were actually enjoyable made my desire to cut back on alcohol a real challenge.

I found myself in a recurring dilemma: grabbing a drink to fit in during social settings, even though I knew I wouldn’t feel like the best version of myself the next day, or settle for something sugary and subpar.

At a crossroads, I made the decision to completely remove alcohol from my life and immediately started to access the health benefits I was searching for: better sleep, a more stable mood, and consistent mental clarity. 

My days were more productive and I was more present in relationships with friends, family, and loved ones. I began to crave these benefits and it motivated me to continue my alcohol-free journey.

After three years of not drinking, my personal relationship with alcohol was completely reshaped. It inspired me to guide others, who are interested in drinking less or not at all - whatever their reason.

I started Surely because I wanted to create a product that people would look forward to drinking, rather than settle for. I wanted to create something that would make NOT drinking in social settings less intimidating. Whether at home or with friends we should all be able to enjoy a glass of wine without feeling like we have to sacrifice tomorrow.

Surely has all the qualities of a great bottle of wine, without the booze. We source grapes from premium regions in California and work with a talented team of winemakers to deliver non-alcoholic wine that doesn't force you to compromise on taste, quality, or your health.

Whatever you came here for – I hope you find it.

-Ryan Hanson, Founder & CEO