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Boisson Co-Founder Nick Bodkins shares his sober curious journey

Boisson Co-Founder Nick Bodkins shares his sober curious journey

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Boisson is a New York City-based shop focused on sharing sophisticated alternatives to alcohol with a growing customer base. The shop came to be during the pandemic as a response to people reevaluating their drinking habits and seeking healthier options. Today, Boisson ships their products to customers nationwide. Nick Bodkins is the co-founder.

Tell us what you do or what you are passionate about!

I’m passionate about providing sophisticated sips to those looking for an alternative to alcohol, no matter their reasons why. We’re big on creating a judgment-free zone for both our customers and anyone that may be new to non-alcoholic options.

What does "living a healthy lifestyle" mean to you?

Living a healthy lifestyle means making conscious choices for better living, but without undue judgment. People come to a healthier lifestyle for a variety of reasons. 

Select some of your health goals associated with choosing Surely.

Choosing Surely is about focusing on your mental health and clarity, and eating healthier.

Is there a particular reason you like Surely or incorporated it into your life?

It's absolutely delicious! As a busy dad and business owner, avoiding a hangover the morning after a night of drinking is priceless.

Tell us about a moment where Surely has impacted you.

I stopped drinking in solidarity with my wife while she was pregnant. Being able to share in the joy that Surely gave her during that time was wonderful! 

What are noticeable differences in your lifestyle that you feel are a result of not drinking or drinking less?

I’ve felt a noticeable energy boost with less drinking. That certainly helps balance obligations both at work and at home.

What's a common social stigma you've experienced while not drinking alcohol?

People assume that alcohol-free products must not taste good or can't be fun. The opposite is true! 

At Boisson, we like sparking a curiosity in people who are new to the non-alcoholic space. Alcohol alternatives can be just as interesting and just as sophisticated.

How did you get interested in the Non-Alcoholic space?

I began trying different non-alcoholic products while my wife was pregnant. This was also during the pandemic, a time when many people were tired of drinking at home to cope with what was happening around them. 

It became obvious to me that there was a growing number of people looking for high-quality alcohol alternatives.

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