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Danny Frounfelkner is a sober curious wine fanatic, too

Danny Frounfelkner is a sober curious wine fanatic, too

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SIPPLE describes itself as a community first and a marketplace for non-alcoholic beverages second. The shop was the first of its kind in Houston, Texas, with an online component today for people seeking delicious alcohol-free options. Danny Frounfelkner, the founder, was raised near Napa Valley, where he developed an appreciation for winemaking and a passion for making wine accessible to all, even those abstaining from alcohol.

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Tell us what you do or what you are passionate about!

I’m passionate about all things beverages!

What does "living a healthy lifestyle" mean to you?

Living a healthy lifestyle means living with more intention, being more present and in the now, and being more mindful of what I put in my body.

Select some of your health goals associated with choosing Surely.

Surely is great for those who are removing alcohol completely from their diet or focusing on their mental health and clarity.

Is there a particular reason you like Surely or incorporated it into your life?

It's low in sugar, uses natural ingredients, and it's a crisp, dry, and aromatic wine alternative.

How were you introduced to Surely?

I don't honestly remember how I was first introduced to Surely. I'm pretty sure I reached out to Surely after hearing about a Texas-based non-alcoholic wine company launching.

(Surely’s founders created the non-alcoholic wine brand in Austin, Texas, in 2020.)

Tell us about a moment where Surely has impacted you/friend/family member?

My wife Helenita loves the sparkling rosé. Getting to see the look of excitement on her face when she tried it for the first time was awesome.

What are noticeable differences in your lifestyle that you feel are a result of not drinking or drinking less?

Drinking less means mood improvements, more energy, feeling lighter and less worried, and better sleep. It means waking up clear-headed and with a clearer mind, and functioning at a higher level.

What's a common social stigma you've experienced while not drinking alcohol?

Some people think that there's something wrong or negative about living alcohol-free. Others don’t understand or want to ask questions about why I’m not drinking.

There’s this stigma where people still feel the need to explain or justify their reasons for not drinking, and we’re trying to change that. 

Instead of asking “Why aren’t you drinking?” we want to get people asking “What are you drinking?”

How did you get interested in the Non-Alcoholic space?

After 20 years in beverage and hospitality, my professional and personal life experiences combined. (Frounfelkner worked as both a beverage director and sommelier, a lifestyle that led him to reevaluate his relationship with alcohol.)

The pandemic hit, and my professional life was put on hold. That’s when I discovered the potential for non-alcoholic beverages. It was the perfect time for me to make the decision to live my own life alcohol-free.  

Describe your perfect night with a Surely wine.

A never-ending cup of Surely sounds like the perfect date night to me.

Photo Credit: 01.06.22

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