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Joshua James Tells Us Why He Went Alcohol-Free

Joshua James Tells Us Why He Went Alcohol-Free

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The Ocean Beach Cafe in San Francisco serves up a menu of healthy food and one of the largest selections of non-alcoholic beverages out there. Owner Joshua James keeps the fridge stocked with his favorite non-alcoholic beers, seltzers, wines, and other alcohol-free products. 

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Tell us what you do or what you are passionate about!

I own Ocean Beach Cafe, an eatery focused on healthy food and non-alcoholic beverages. I'm passionate about spreading awareness of non-alcoholic options. 

What does "living a healthy lifestyle" mean to you?

A healthy lifestyle is one where alcohol isn’t a requirement to have fun, be social, and enjoy amazing beverages. The mind heals and a person's whole system is improved when removing alcohol from their diet.

Select some of your health goals associated with choosing Surely.

Choosing Surely is about drinking less, removing alcohol completely from your diet, focusing on your mental health and clarity, and eating healthier.

Is there a particular reason you like Surely or incorporated it into your life?

Surely is an example of how great new non-alcoholic wine options have become!

Tell us about a moment where Surely has impacted you?

A guy came into the cafe to get a sandwich. He left realizing that he can finally enjoy sauvignon blanc again after a medical diagnosis the previous year. He was stoked. 

What are noticeable differences in your lifestyle that you feel are a result of not drinking or drinking less?

Drinking less improves your mood, gives you more energy, and makes you feel lighter and less worried. You wake up more clear-headed when you’re not drinking. 

What's a common social stigma you've experienced while not drinking alcohol?

None. I proudly mention I'm a non-drinker. Everyone is doing it. 

How did you get interested in the Non-Alcoholic space?

I was a career bartender who took a year off bartending. That’s when I started reviewing non-alcoholic beverages. 

Describe your perfect night with a Surely wine.

Make a pomodoro pasta for date night and pair that with Surely’s non-alcoholic pinot noir for the perfect evening in. 

Joshua James of Ocean Beach Cafe. (Photo by Lily Sinkovitz via

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