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Virgin Fall Mimosa (For the Sober Curious)

Virgin Fall Mimosa (For the Sober Curious)

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Virgin Fall Mimosa Recipe

The classic mimosa is popular for a reason. Leftover juice meets sparkling wine. Make it a virgin fall mimosa with some cozy fall flavors, and you’re ready to celebrate the season well into Sober October.

What’s in a fall mimosa?

Fall mimosa recipes typically include autumn flavors like apple juice, ginger, pumpkin, or cranberry juice. A more indulgent “caramel apple” version may use a caramel sauce drizzle or a cinnamon sugar dusting. 

This fall cocktail can resemble an apple cider cocktail, but it’s easy to customize based on your personal preferences or whatever ingredients you happen to have on hand. 

How much alcohol is in a mimosa? How much alcohol is in a mimosa depends on the bubbles in your champagne cocktail. The typical champagne, cava, or prosecco bottle has about 12% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Increase the amount of fruit juice in your drink recipe for a lighter mimosa cocktail. If you prefer mimosas approaching a champagne toast, go easy on the juice. (That’s actually a Buck’s Fizz, by the way.)

The best mimosa mocktail is completely alcohol-free but just as delicious as the classic cocktail recipes. Our sweet, fizzy take for fall embraces all things apple.

Making an (Alcohol-Free) Mimosa Bar for Your Fall Gatherings

When should I drink a mimosaYou can drink a mimosa whenever you’d like, but the classic version is most popular as a brunch cocktail. A fall mimosa is perfect for a fall brunch, but it’s also versatile enough for fall gatherings no matter the hour.

Our recipe is made for two but easy to batch if you plan mocktails for a bigger group. Better yet, host a fall mocktail mimosa bar! Have your guests DIY their own fall mimosas with various juices and fruit garnishes on hand.

Apple cider instead of orange juice is a delight for fall, but cranberry, white grape, and pear purées can all make your mocktail bar a little more colorful. Most of these come with a bit of a vitamin C boost. Limit your sugar by seeking out higher-quality options.

We love our canned Brut for this one because it’s so easy to split. You can also go fancy with non-alcoholic sparkling wine by the bottle for your mimosa bar.

Virgin Fall Mimosa Recipe

Virgin Fall Mimosa Recipe

The minimal prep time in this easy recipe is used for mixing up your “sugar” rim on your fruity mocktail. We prefer monk fruit as a substitute for regular sugar because it won’t add calories or carbohydrates to your apple cider mimosa recipe.

Total time: 5 minutes

Yields: 2 servings

Serving size: 8 ounces


  • 1 can Surely Brut
  • 4 ounces apple cider or apple juice
  • 1 tablespoon monk fruit sweetener
  • ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • Fresh apple slices (for garnish)

Virgin Fall Mimosa Recipe


  1. Whisk monk fruit and cinnamon in a small bowl until combined.
  2. Wet the edges of your champagne flutes and dip in the sugar mixture.
  3. Pour 2 ounces of apple cider in each champagne glass.
  4. Top with sparkling wine and apple slices right before serving.

Virgin Fall Mimosa Recipe

Nutrition Information (per serving)

  • Calories: 69
  • Total Fat: 0 g
  • Carbs: 15 g
  • Fiber:  1 g
  • Net Carbs: 14 g
  • Protein: 0 g

Virgin Fall Mimosa Recipe

Other Alcohol-Free Recipes to Try

Take the Leap to a Sober Life

Keep the party going from brunch to happy hour this fall with Surely non-alcoholic wine. For a touch of whimsy, try our canned non-alcoholic sparkling rosé. Its notes of pear make it the perfect transition drink from spring to fall.

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