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Healthy Drink Brands to Try Today [Tea, Soda Swaps & More]

Healthy Drink Brands to Try Today [Tea, Soda Swaps & More]

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Water is always best when you’re looking for a healthy beverage to keep you hydrated. If you’re looking to make your drink game just a little more exciting, though, healthy drink brands promising a dose of wellness with every sip are very much on trend at the moment.

From fancy waters loaded up with superfoods to the powerhouse that is herbal tea in all of its forms, these functional beverages are delicious and actually good for you. 

Best Healthy Tea Brands

Winner: Vahdam Indian Tea

Endorsed by Oprah and Mariah Carey, the Queen of Christmas herself, Vahdam Indian teas boast a variety of health benefits that would be valuable beyond those celebrity endorsements.

Try their Turmeric Ashwagandha Herbal Tea for a blend of Indian superfoods with herbs and spices like lemongrass, black pepper, and licorice. The tea promotes relaxation and healthier sleep, packaged in individual tea bags for easy travel.

Vahdam also has a variety of green teas, black teas, and iced tea mixes to satisfy any tea palate and any wellness concern.


Best Sports + Protein Drink Brands

Winner: Evolve Plant-Based Protein Shake

Evolve has made a name for itself in plant-based protein powders as a way to boost your energy during outdoor adventures. The key ingredient in their powders and shakes, featured here as protein on the go, is pea protein.

Flavors include vanilla, berry medley, and double chocolate. No matter the flavor, you’ll be sipping on 20 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber in each shake, all thanks to the power of the humble pea.


Best Fancy Water Brands

Winner: Vita Coco Super Sparkling Lemon Ginger Coconut Water

Vita Coco is already well known for its coconut water, which tops energy drinks for the electrolytes boost without the sugar content of many sports drinks. 

This sparkling version adds a little fizz to this health drink. The natural flavors of coconut and ginger make this one a little bit sweet and a little bit spicy without the need for any added sugar. 

Additional flavors under the Super Sparkling label include grapefruit, raspberry lime, and blood orange seltzers. 


Best Hemp-Infused Healthy Drink Brands

Winner: Recess

Recess promises a new calm, cool, and collected you with their line of and hemp- and adaptogen-infused sparkling drinks. The combination of ingredients promotes a calming effect as a replacement to an afternoon coffee or alcoholic drink. 

The fizzy beverages come in various flavors, including Peach Ginger, Blackberry Chai, and Coconut Lime. Each can comes with 10 milligrams of CBD.


Best Kombucha Brands

Winner: GT’s Organic Raw Kombucha

Kombucha seems to be having a moment in the United States, but the GT’s brand has been around for over 25 years, touting the gut-healthy properties of probiotics in their fermented teas.

GT’s comes in a variety of flavors, including Gingerade, Lemon Berry, and Multi-Green in their Synergy line of offerings. They’re all organic and unpasteurized, with that bright, tangy taste you’d expect from a quality kombucha. 


Best Healthy Meal Replacement Drink Brands

Winner: Soylent Complete Nutrition

Soylent has a variety of products that are meant as complete meal replacements or as a way to fill in gaps in your nutrition if your diet is missing out on healthy foods.

Choose from their Complete Meal, a drinkable meal for those who need nutrition on the go, Complete Protein, a high protein drink, or Complete Energy, an alternative energy boost.


Best Soda Alternatives

Winner: OLIPOP Sparkling Tonic

Just because you can’t drink sugary soft drinks for your health doesn’t mean there aren’t delicious, healthier soda alternatives out there.

Enter OLIPOP Sparkling Tonic, a craft beverage brand that aims to improve your digestive health with probiotics, prebiotics, and plant fibers in each can.

If you’re missing out on the sodas of your youth, try the Vintage Cola. Their more adult Ginger Lemon and Blackberry Vanilla make for excellent mixers at your next mocktail party.


Best Detox Drink Brands

Winner: Pressed

Pressed has an entire line of products for those seeking a full reset or boost to their digestive health. Their full-day cleanses include 6 different juices that will give you all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to get through the day. 

While they’re meant as a meal replacement, Pressed suggests that you do what feels good for your body. If that’s taking one of their juices with a meal, that works, too. 


Best Healthy Coffee Brands

Winner: Golden Ratio

Low-acid, sugar-free Golden Ratio keeps the health benefits of caffeine while giving you a gentler cup of coffee. The gold coffee falls somewhere in between a white coffee and a light roast, resulting in a smooth-tasting beverage 5 times less acidic than most other coffee brands (with more caffeine!).

That means it’s a good coffee alternative for anyone feeling some stomach upset after that morning cup of joe. 

Golden Ratio comes in pouches that steep like tea. Flavors include Original Gold, Chai Spiced, and Vanilla Flavored Coconut.


Best Smoothie Brands

Winner: Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest still requires a little bit of legwork on your end. Each package comes with ready-to-blend ingredients that result in delicious smoothies.

The wide variety of flavors range from heart-healthy greens to acai blends to sweeter vanilla bean dessert styles. Try their oat or chia bowls if you’re seeking something more substantial.


Best Juice Drink Brands


It can be hard to find a fruit juice that isn’t loaded up with added sugar or artificial sweeteners. (Seriously, read the labels on your favorite orange juice and just watch your blood sugar rise.) 

This cold-pressed watermelon juice from WTRMLN WTR makes up for the missing vowels with the natural health benefits found in simple ingredients: watermelon, filtered water, and lime juice.

The original flavor promises maximum hydration and electrolytes found in other healthy energy drinks. 3 additional flavors target other functions, like an immune system boost in their Immunity version. 

Oh, and Beyoncé is one of the investors.


Best Veggie Drink Brands

Winner: Suja Organic Uber Greens

Suja’s cold-pressed juices pack a punch when it comes to the nutritional content. Their Uber Greens juice is a blend of cucumber, celery, grapefruit, kale, and more for a mouthful of antioxidants, vitamin C, and potassium.

All of Suja’s juices are organic and non-GMO verified with no added sweeteners. If you’re seeking natural supplements for your weight loss plan, these are low-calorie, too. 


Best Alcohol Alternatives

Winner: Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine

There are a lot of wine alternatives out there that taste more like grape juice than your favorite red or white wine. Surely’s non-alcoholic wines are made using the same fermentation methods of alcoholic wine brands. 

That means what you’re getting is an alcohol-removed wine that tastes like the real thing.

Try our first red wine offering, a non-alcoholic pinot noir that isn’t short on the full-bodied flavor you’d expect in the versatile wine. Try our variety of sparkling wines if you want some fizz, including our canned rosé and canned Brut, and classic sparkling white wine.


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