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Zoom Sparkling Rosé Can - 1 Pack
Zoom Sparkling Rosé Can - 1 Pack
Zoom Sparkling Rosé Can - 1 Pack
Zoom Sparkling Rosé Can - 1 Pack

Sparkling Rosé Can - 1 Pack

250ml / 8.5 FL OZ.
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  • 15 Cals
  • 1g Sugar

Tasting Notes

Hints of soft strawberry, pear, and tropical fruit notes are balanced with a light acid for a full finish.
<br><b>Food Pairings:</b> Loves picnics in the park with sharp cheeses, sweet red berries, and dried apricots stylishly assembled on your favorite charcuterie board.


The same delicious wine you find in the Sparkling Rosé 750mL bottle.

Wine = De-alcoholized Rosé
Fruit = Grapefruit and Guava
Sweetness = naturally occurring

Ingredients: De-alcoholized California Rosé Wine, Guava Concentrate, Grapefruit Juice, Acacia Gum, Sulfites (Preservative).


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from surely drinkers

Strawberry Lemonade

You’ll Need

1 can Sparkling Rose

1 cup strawberries

2 lemons (or 1/2 cup pre made lemonade)

1 cup water


Bring 1 cup of strawberries and 1 cup of water to a boil. Once bubbling set temp to low for 5 minutes. Lightly stir if needed.

Press mixture through a strainer with a back of a spoon to get all the juice out and to keep seeds from the drink 

Allow to cool or place in refrigerator. Pour cold sparkling rose into a tall glass of crushed ice

Add juice of  lemons or pre made lemonade mixture of your choice

Drizzle with strawberry syrup to taste, Stir and enjoy

Surely Non-Alcoholic Wine