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A message from team Surely

Surely started as a project between friends to give people a sophisticated option when they were deciding not to drink alcohol - whatever the reason.

Our mission is to create the best of both worlds - craft great tasting wines that don’t compromise your health.

We work with a talented team of winemakers and source our grapes from premium California regions. Our winemaking process starts with alcoholic wine that we delicately remove the alcohol from. Once the wine is dealcoholized we blend in small amounts of juice to elevate the aromatics and round out the palate. The end result is a beautifully balanced wine that fits any lifestyle.

The Social Stigma

When you go out with friends, why is it still weird to be the only one not drinking? You should be able to choose a non-alcoholic drink at any social gathering and not be the odd one out. We want to be your usual order or the reason you decide to meet co-workers for happy hour.

It's about balance

Switching it up, cutting back or cutting it out looks different for everyone. If you’re here to start a journey, just browsing, or seriously considering a big change we hear you and we’ve been there.

Friendly Benefits

Antioxidants don’t come from alcohol. They come from meticulously cultivated grapes that have been seasoned by mother earth and cared for by passionate humans. We use those grapes to make high quality, delicious wine straight from California soil. We take out the alcohol so you still get the good stuff.

High standards are an understatement

Our team has big dreams, lofty goals and likes to have fun. We know you do too. It’s our mission to make options that don’t challenge the important things. We strive for clearer mornings, longer nights, fuller conversations, powerful connections, and to become better versions of ourselves.

Real, great wine. We mean it.

Highly qualified doesn’t even cut it. We take this stuff seriously and want you to know we are working hard to better our product every day. We cultivated an incredibly talented team of winemakers that are just getting started.